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The bank refused for the education loan is condemned by the court
The high court has taken action on the bank which refused to grant education loan for the daughter who applied for it because of her parents loan balance.
The high court is ordered to grant loan immediately for that student.
R.sahana, student of Rajalakshmi Engineering college , tandalam, near Chennai.she has filed a petition in the madras high court saying that she has applied for the education loan in oriental bank of commerce , mugapper in 2008 and she has received the loan in 2008 and 2009.But in 2010 tthe same bank is refused to grant education loan because of the loan balance kept by her parents who have got loan for their business.
In this situation her parents paid the third annual fees working very hard.But they are suffering a lot to pay the final year fees. so she said that the court has to order the bank to grant the loan which they promised me as granted in the first year.
The judge who worked on this petition ordered the bank to provide the remaining amount immediately to that student.The bank is being contrary to the purpose of the education loan’s plan.The bank refused to grant loan for the final year student is not correct.Because of parents loan balance , education loan should not be denied for the daughter is the Judgement given.

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