Alternative Education Loans

Banks and Financial Institutions
Your bank, credit union, or other financial institution can be a good place to get an alternative student loan. These institutions offer a number of loan and debt solutions for clients, and increasingly this has included the student population. If you wish to seek private loans from banks, however, you will need to compare several offers in order to get the best interest rate possible.
Employers sometimes help families pay for children's education by offering financing options of their own. For example, some employers help employees with education expenses such as education through private loans, through automatic deductions from paychecks, and other financing options.
Private Lenders
Companies such as Sallie Mae offer loans specifically to students. These tend to be competitively priced, flexible, and offer number of loan types for every student need. Better yet, many private companies now offer complete loan information and student loan applications online, giving students more control over their finances and greater convenience than ever before.

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