Education Loan of Rs.900 crores

Indian bank Rs.900 crore education loan

Indian bank Manager T.M.Bhasin said,In the coming academic year , education loan of Rs.900 crores  will be granted for one and a half lakh students.

In the Indian bank’s 104th year, 104 autos giving ceremony was held in Chennai raja annamalaipuram chettinad Vidhyashram school yesterday evening.

At the end of the function the chairman and the bank managing director  T.M.Bhasin said,To improve the self employment oppurtunities and the lives of people who are under poverty line it is planned to provide auto in a lesser interest rate.

Education loan providing program is successfully implemented.In 2011 until march for more than 1,20,000 students until Rs.3 crores has been provided.In the coming academic year for 1,50,000 students Rs.900 crores will be provided. Among the nationalised bank Indian bank holds the first place in collecting the loan amount.

This is what is T.M. Bhasin said.

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