Students Getting Credit should Study Well

Students getting credit should study well

Comparing with the other students those who are getting credit should study well. If the other students are spending Rs.4,00,000 for their education ,those who are getting education loan are spending 5,40,000 along with the interest is the speech given by the state bank officer.

More than that he said : With the Intention of doing something to the country ,dhinamalar is conducting vazhikaati program. None of the students should stop their school  studies because of poverty is the reason why central government is brought up this bank loan plan. Education loan is to be prioritized in the bank and it is happening..

To obtain bank loan It is necessary to be an Indian Citizen. Students should have the Joined letter from the college .The students should have the joined letter from the college. You have to apply for the bank loan in the bank nearby from the place of your house, including the public sector branches . Education loan will be provided for all the authorized subjects. It is not only enough to join in a good college , it is also necessary to check the department selected is an authorized one.Education loan of upto Rs.10,00,000 is provided to study in India and upto Rs.20,00,000 is provided to study in abroad.

In this case , If you apply for upto  Rs.4,00,000 the bank will provide you the entire amount . If the amount is more than 4,00,000 you need to spend 5% of the amont. Bank will provide you for all the expenses like hostel, transportation, and all other expenses related to studies. However the bill has to be obtained from the college.

If computer is necessary for your studies , loan will be provided for purchasing that. If the college fees is paid before getting the bank loan that amount alone will be given in hand. For the remaining years the bank will pay directly to the college.If the family income is less than 4.5 lakhs there is concession in the interest. The marks of the students who have got bank loan will be supervised.The mark sheets of the students will be in the bank.

Graduated students should start paying the loan six months after joining the job. The bank will give time for the students till one year after completing the course. After that if the students are not paying , it is to be paid by their parents.Students who have got education loan should study well comparing the other students.If the other students are spending 4,00,000 Rs for their education those who have got education loan are spending 5,40,000 Rs along with the interest. Those who have got education loan for their studies should learn to return it back properly.Only then the project will be continued to the next generation students, he said.

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