Education Loan is available for you

You also can get education loan
Students who do not have adequate financial status should also study is the basic reason why the education loan is planned for.

The students who are doing higher studies can try to get the loan approval. It is necessary for the students who are trying to get education loan should prefer an authorized college and an authorized department .
Undergraduation, Post graduation , technical courses for all these courses education loan can be obtained. Apart from studying in India ,Education loan will be provided for studying in abroad even.

Some educational institutions will  operate along with some few banks. If you are doing higher studies in such institutions the bank which operates along with that itself will provide you the education loan easily. Education loan of upto Rs.10,00,000 will be provided for studying in India and upto Rs.20,00,000 will be provided for studying in abroad.

Students receiving credit should submit some of the documents required by the bank along with the application. After the verification of all the documents and the applications, the bank manager will have a discussion with the student and his family members. He will discuss and come to know about the student’s father/guardian asset details, yearly income,  about the department the student is joined and all.
Interest rate

The interest rate for the education loan amount of Rs.4,00,000 and less than that would be minimum of the calculated interest.If the amount is above Rs.4,00,000 1% of the amount will be charged in addition to the lesser interest rate. But this calculation of interest rate would differ from bank to bank.Some banks are providing concession for the girl students and some banks are providing it for the boys who are studying in particular institutions.

Credit guarantor
It depends on the loan amount required by the student to get signature of the loan guarantor or keeping the Property as a guarantor. Property represents the amount having or residential agreement papers.The evidences for these are to be submitted at the time of getting the cash.For the loan of upto 4,00,000 Rs guarantor is not required . If the amount is more than that sometimes third person’s guarantor sign is required.

Repaying the loan
It is not necessary to repay the loan at the period of studying. some banks are collecting interest alone at the studying period.After finishing the studies and joining the job or after finishing the studies and one year after that repaying the loan is to be started.should not delay after one year and more to repay the loan.That too is withn 5 to 7 years the loan is to be paid .

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