Consultation for getting Education loan

The manager, state bank of India Mr.viruthaachalam gave a consultation regarding the way of getting education loan  for those who wish to get education loan and continue the higher studies.

Dhinamalar newspaper joining with the SRM university conducted vazhikaati program for the students who have completed 12th standard which gives an idea about higher studies in Chennai royapet OMCA ground. Yesterday which is the last day for this program where more than 10,000 students along with their parents participated in this interestedly.

Thats right .....expenses for studying  will be more is the tension? Mr.Viruthachalam , manager state bank of india has given a speech on this topic. This education loan plan is brought up by the central government  for the students education should not get spoiled because of lack of money .There are 25 public sector banks in india. Among this education loan is provided for all the courses B.A, B.Sc.,, Medical , Engineering and all. For special courses alone education loan cannot be obtained from public sector banks.

Before getting credit from banks , the parents should take the responsibility of arranging all the available documents .Upto Rs.10,00,000 is provided for studying in india and loan of Rs.20,00,000 is provided for studying in abroad. Maximum time of 5 to 7 years is given by the banks to repay the loan amount.

Students who wish to receive credit ,avoiding the busy days of the banks and approaching at the right time for getting the details of education loan and the details regarding the paper submission would be helpful  for getting the loan easily. Hard work should be there for the students who are studying through education loan.students should keep in mind that Simply success will not be achieved without confidence . This is what Viruthaachalam spoke.


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